Wednesday, 11 May 2011

NOTD: Waving In The Spring


A couple of days ago i would have been confident to say to all of you guys 'YAY, its spring time' But after a day and night of what can only be described a torential rain, my spirits have sunk.

So to cheer myself up i decided to paint my nails a really springish colour, and Yes that is a word :)

Sorry for the slightly blurry pictures, my camera is feeling the cold aswell!! The colour is mint green by Barry M and they have a whole bunch of really nice pastel colours is at the moment!

Love x


  1. OK, I think I have every Barry M pastel colour except this one, because I already have last year's Revlon in mint. :) X

  2. that is a really nice colour, barry m are amazing at what they do!