Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Review: Got2B warned......


As a regular glee addict, i have seen the Schwarzkopf adverts more times than i care to mention and was really tempted by the 'Got2b POWDER'ful'

I have naturally curly hair this was one of the first products i have found that adds volume only to the roots and didnt require backbrushing so i decided to give it a go!

The product itself is not very expensive (around £4) and i loved the results, it looked absolutely awesome and the effects did last so all in all i felt like i had found a new 'must-have'

Unfortunatly, i dont know what chemicals are in that product but whatever it is KILLS your hair, it feels so dry and dead, and it take serious amounts of work to get it back in a good condition. Within about 20 or 30 minutes i noticed my hair felt really straw like and dry, even after i had washed the product out the next day, so i guessed my hair was just bad condition but it happened again when i next used the product, despite having used an intense conditioner

That said, although i would NEVER reccomend this product as i have it on my shelf i may still use this when i have a big important nightout and i know that i will have time for a 'Hair-SOS' afterwards, but i will probably try to find a different volumiser...Any suggestions?


Monday, 8 August 2011

Splash of Sunshine


As a massive Gossip Girl Fan, im used to Blake Lively looking absolutely flawless...however her outfit at Teen choice awards was so brilliant

This colour is just so perfect for the summer...even if the sun doesnt really seem to want to shine anymore!

I love this orange dress from topshop which cost £42.00
Its a more casual way dress (just incase you have no red carpet events coming up any time soon) 
Or this slightly more formal one
The Shape will really define your waist, which is always a plus! (Topshop...again, £46!)

Orange is definatly a colour that need confidence...something that Blake Lively has in buckets.

So if your feeling slightly more shy you can always try this orange skirt from New Look £7.99

You could use this skirt for the 'Blocking' trend

Do you like Blake Lively's Style?

Sunday, 3 July 2011



So here is what i wore on saturday at my sisters 21st birthday party

Im wearing a Patterned dress from New Look which was only £4 in the sale :) ad my old brown belt from accessorize!

I had such an awesome day but my advice to anyone who is attending a party with a bouncey castle is
*Dont go to the gym that day, it is an awesome workout!
*Dont wear a strapless dress, i had to pin mine to my bra!

Thursday, 30 June 2011

LWD-Angelic summer dressing


A trend that i am loving at the moment is the LWD or Little White Dress. Unlike its darker counterpart, it can be worn both day and night and it feels more summery!

I'm clearly not the only one.....

*She looks so stunning, but i am a bit biased because i have always loved J-Lo. But seriously, dont you guys agree?*

So, the dresses i like the most are.....

This Dress is from House Of Frazer, the sleeves are a little dressy, but i think its so pretty and the Lace adds a super girly twist which will make it fun for picnic!

This Grecian Drape Dress from River Island (Online) is definatly for making a statement and the detailing at the side where the dress is gathered will stand out and make it look way more expensive than it actually is!

This dress from ASOS is definatly my ULTIMATE, the emblishment are really original and the Empire Line is really flattering on any body shape, particularly after too much ice cream!

Overall i would say if your going for this trend

* Make it a bit different to keep it interesting, try one with embelishment, or add an interesting piece of jewellery
*Ignore the old rule thatwhite only looks good on people with a tan, a LWD will work whatever your skin colour!

*WARNING* picnics and waterfights can be hazardous to your white outfit


Friday, 3 June 2011

Sparkling Summer Rings

After the Royal wedding i have been left with three things

1) A whole bunch of union Jack Bunting
2) A longing to marry a prince

3) A love of pretty rings!

So im indulging the final one with a post on some of the pretty rings that i am lusting after!

This 'Strawberry and Rose Ring' from Miss Selfridge is £6.50 and it is actually one ring, but it looks like you are layering them

This is the imaginatively name 'Vintage Look Cocktail Ring' from topshop and is slightly more pricey at £12.50 but it is so pretty and will really dress up any plain balck dress

I know, this ring from Forever 21 isnt really that pretty, But it reminds me of the ring from 'Como Agua Para Chocolate' which is probably one of the best books i have ever read, and i even liked the film version  of the book! (For me that is rare, i can count on 1 mitten how many times that has happened!)

And finally top of my wish list ring wish

A girl can dream can't she?


Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Help:Gel or Acrylic Nails


So in the next couple of months i have so many exciting events, from my senior prom, leaving compulsary education (in 3 days :) ) to my sisters 21st

So i was thinking that i may shell out on some fake nails, because i always think nice nails look better!

So....my big question to you all is Gel Nails or Acrylics, what have your experiences been and what would you recommend?

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

NOTD: Waving In The Spring


A couple of days ago i would have been confident to say to all of you guys 'YAY, its spring time' But after a day and night of what can only be described a torential rain, my spirits have sunk.

So to cheer myself up i decided to paint my nails a really springish colour, and Yes that is a word :)

Sorry for the slightly blurry pictures, my camera is feeling the cold aswell!! The colour is mint green by Barry M and they have a whole bunch of really nice pastel colours is at the moment!

Love x

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Maybelline Gel Liner-Its love


I really love eyeliner, if i could pick only one beauty product it would have to be that! And so many people said how good gel liner was but i was loathed to spend lots of money on a product that i have never tried

Enter Maybelline's Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

This is AMAZING!! my eyes tend to water quite a lot but i can use this on my waterline and it stays all day, Literally yesterday i put it on at 7am and then after a whole day at school and a busy shift at work i still had a solid black line at 12 when i got home, and it is completely waterproof, as i discovered when i had a shower without taking it off!

As you can see from the picture, this comes with a little brush so you dont need to go out and buy one. Literally the only negative with this product is that it is pretty difficult to remove, but i dont think that it is that bad, because it just means that you can have confidence in it lasting.

Have you guys tried this, or any other gel liner before?

Have you guys tried anyotehr

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Baseball jackets


I'm seriously loving the random trends more and more!

Baseball jackets are really lovely....they seem perfect for his current spring where it seems to turn from lovely and freezing quicker than you can get the umbrella up!

i have fallen in love with this Baseball jacket., from ASOS and its only £19!

But i still think the best one i have seen is this one from New Look, and as the price has just gone down i am definatly ordering it as soon as i post this!

This so cute, the colour is a bit different fom what you would typicaly see, and i think that it is perfect for spring time

Not only do i love this colour, it's a great colour match to China Glaze 'Starboard' from their Anchor's Away collection....I really love this polish, and would recommend it to everyone!


Friday, 1 April 2011

Printed Trousers Make Me Smile!

Hey Guys
So i always wear skirts or dresses, i own one pair of jeans but im startig to feel printed trousers may just be the best of both world!!

So i bought this pair of trousers from Peacocks because of two reasons
1) They are back in style this spring
2)My legs have been chilly!!

And i absolutely love them...

They were only £15.00 and they are perfect if you are in a rush because they really dont need any accesories or complicated makeup, i just wore mine with a white top

Some other ones that i have been loving....

These brown ones really hit the whole 'Indiany' trend that we have been seeing in a lot of places!
They are £24.99 from New Look and they are shaped beautifully with gentle kind of layers at the ankles!

These beauties are from Topshop £35.00

The harem shape is actually really flattering on all bodyshapes!

And finally.....The ones that i love, and would buy if i had *GULP* £93.00 (I dont!)

These are so pretty.....I really love them! (ASOS)

So, 3 reasons to try this trend

1) It will keep your legs warm
2) The trousers do all the work for you, team with a white tee-shirt and go
3) They are really fun and made me smile


Sunday, 13 March 2011

Review:Palmer's Cocoa Butter

Hi lovelies!!

So after endless comments about how good this product is, i decided to try it out.

It is a coca butter, with added vitamin E and it is perfect for getting moisture into dry skin.

I really love this product, it smells faintly of chocolate, and your skin feels really nourished in a similar way to when you use Lush's Dream Cream!

I bought this on friday, but i have already used loads, I honestly love it, something which i havent felt about a moisturiser in a long time

You can also use cocoa butter not controlling frizzy hair or as an eye primer, which is not bad for a £3 product but I would get the solid pot, not the lotion, because it froms a barrier, whereas the lotion tend to slide straight off!!


Saturday, 5 March 2011

Style Crush: Skinspiration!

Hey :)

Everytime i say to myself
'i won't watch skins, they cant be as good as last years cast'
'Oh i will just watch the first episoder'
Then im hooked.....

In Past series, I became totally obsessed by both Cassie and then Emily's style, and my wardobe still contains the floaty dresses and A-Line skirts of that time!!

This time i am L*O*V*I*N*G Mini Mcguinness!

She is just completely awesome

But my style has always been 'dolly like' and so a transition to her kind of style would be way too huge! Instead i have been trying to find some things that i think kind of represent her style, at the moment, i am only adding in little bits, so im wearing dangly earings for the first time!!

So....my recent shopping spree i picked up these two things that i think really represent her style, even if she doesnt own them!

Sorry about the quality, my camera is playing up, so they are iphone pictures!

This is a really cute vintage bag....(excuse the bedspread underneath!!) It is showing its age a bit, but the style is so cute, and it really toughens up a floaty dress (relics from my 'cassie' period!)

This Jacket looks so crumpled!! its actually a darker purple, and i really like this because it adds shape to my body, and looks a bit more interesting than a boring safe cardigan!! Mini has a green version, and i will definatly try to find one, but i like this purple one for the time being!

Im also on the look out for an ovesized seqin top and some black lace shorts, however I buy most of my clothes second hand, because i then can edit them myself if i want to, and therefore it may take a while!

What do you guys think? Whats your style inspirations at the moment?  

For more on Mini, check out this tumblr site


Friday, 25 February 2011

Bright Florals Banish Winter Blues

Bright Florals are definatly a trend that im looking forward to this spring, Its perfect after a cold and dreary winter to brighten up my day and make me smile :)

One Tip, which i picked up from the Marc Jacobs show is to wear a normal outfit and a (fake!) oversized flower attached, to the bag, or your hip for example, it seriously looks awesome, and you can pick them up cheaply anywhere!

(I really want her top and short combo too!!)

For floral outfits, the highstreet has some beautiful floral peices on offer which i love, particularly as they often contain elements of other trends!! Perfect to embrace what is easily the trend i am loving the most so far!!

This dress is from ASOS and at £45.00, which for a dress that conbines both the trends of floral and madame butterfly seems very cheap!!This is definatly joining my wishlist!! 

This Top from Topshop is a subtle way to do sheer, as well as being totally beautifull, I always love tiewaisted tops, because they will totally look good on everyone by defining the waist line!

And for the really brave, this £15.00 BooHoo jumpsuit is definatly embracing the 70's flower power revival!!! While this may not be everyones cup of tea, this jumpsuit will really define the right figure and look stunning!

So, hope theese outfits have inspired you guys as much as they have me!!