Friday, 25 February 2011

Bright Florals Banish Winter Blues

Bright Florals are definatly a trend that im looking forward to this spring, Its perfect after a cold and dreary winter to brighten up my day and make me smile :)

One Tip, which i picked up from the Marc Jacobs show is to wear a normal outfit and a (fake!) oversized flower attached, to the bag, or your hip for example, it seriously looks awesome, and you can pick them up cheaply anywhere!

(I really want her top and short combo too!!)

For floral outfits, the highstreet has some beautiful floral peices on offer which i love, particularly as they often contain elements of other trends!! Perfect to embrace what is easily the trend i am loving the most so far!!

This dress is from ASOS and at £45.00, which for a dress that conbines both the trends of floral and madame butterfly seems very cheap!!This is definatly joining my wishlist!! 

This Top from Topshop is a subtle way to do sheer, as well as being totally beautifull, I always love tiewaisted tops, because they will totally look good on everyone by defining the waist line!

And for the really brave, this £15.00 BooHoo jumpsuit is definatly embracing the 70's flower power revival!!! While this may not be everyones cup of tea, this jumpsuit will really define the right figure and look stunning!

So, hope theese outfits have inspired you guys as much as they have me!!



  1. I like the jumpsuit! I am not sure if it is suitable for my body type because if I wear it wrong most probably I will look like frumpy grumpy plumbers. ^_^

    The idea of wearing an over sized flowers on hip is great idea!! It could pass as belt as well to define the waist. Thanks for sharing!

    Maybe if you have your dream dress, show it to us, k?

  2. Thanks for the comment lovely! :) My cardigan is vintage Jaeger, I won it in a giveaway! x

  3. I like the jumpsuit! :)

  4. oh i love the jumsuit.. it's so nice.. looks so comfy too