Saturday, 5 March 2011

Style Crush: Skinspiration!

Hey :)

Everytime i say to myself
'i won't watch skins, they cant be as good as last years cast'
'Oh i will just watch the first episoder'
Then im hooked.....

In Past series, I became totally obsessed by both Cassie and then Emily's style, and my wardobe still contains the floaty dresses and A-Line skirts of that time!!

This time i am L*O*V*I*N*G Mini Mcguinness!

She is just completely awesome

But my style has always been 'dolly like' and so a transition to her kind of style would be way too huge! Instead i have been trying to find some things that i think kind of represent her style, at the moment, i am only adding in little bits, so im wearing dangly earings for the first time!! recent shopping spree i picked up these two things that i think really represent her style, even if she doesnt own them!

Sorry about the quality, my camera is playing up, so they are iphone pictures!

This is a really cute vintage bag....(excuse the bedspread underneath!!) It is showing its age a bit, but the style is so cute, and it really toughens up a floaty dress (relics from my 'cassie' period!)

This Jacket looks so crumpled!! its actually a darker purple, and i really like this because it adds shape to my body, and looks a bit more interesting than a boring safe cardigan!! Mini has a green version, and i will definatly try to find one, but i like this purple one for the time being!

Im also on the look out for an ovesized seqin top and some black lace shorts, however I buy most of my clothes second hand, because i then can edit them myself if i want to, and therefore it may take a while!

What do you guys think? Whats your style inspirations at the moment?  

For more on Mini, check out this tumblr site


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