Sunday, 13 March 2011

Review:Palmer's Cocoa Butter

Hi lovelies!!

So after endless comments about how good this product is, i decided to try it out.

It is a coca butter, with added vitamin E and it is perfect for getting moisture into dry skin.

I really love this product, it smells faintly of chocolate, and your skin feels really nourished in a similar way to when you use Lush's Dream Cream!

I bought this on friday, but i have already used loads, I honestly love it, something which i havent felt about a moisturiser in a long time

You can also use cocoa butter not controlling frizzy hair or as an eye primer, which is not bad for a £3 product but I would get the solid pot, not the lotion, because it froms a barrier, whereas the lotion tend to slide straight off!!



  1. I usually go for The Body Shop's body butter, but once I run out of those I might give this a try!
    Definitely save some money!

  2. I bet it smells good too!

  3. Great blog!! :)

    ciao ciao from Rome

  4. It does doa great job in moisturizing the skin.. But I'm not a huge fan of the smell.. And it does feel a tiny bit sticky.. But overall it's good