Friday, 1 April 2011

Printed Trousers Make Me Smile!

Hey Guys
So i always wear skirts or dresses, i own one pair of jeans but im startig to feel printed trousers may just be the best of both world!!

So i bought this pair of trousers from Peacocks because of two reasons
1) They are back in style this spring
2)My legs have been chilly!!

And i absolutely love them...

They were only £15.00 and they are perfect if you are in a rush because they really dont need any accesories or complicated makeup, i just wore mine with a white top

Some other ones that i have been loving....

These brown ones really hit the whole 'Indiany' trend that we have been seeing in a lot of places!
They are £24.99 from New Look and they are shaped beautifully with gentle kind of layers at the ankles!

These beauties are from Topshop £35.00

The harem shape is actually really flattering on all bodyshapes!

And finally.....The ones that i love, and would buy if i had *GULP* £93.00 (I dont!)

These are so pretty.....I really love them! (ASOS)

So, 3 reasons to try this trend

1) It will keep your legs warm
2) The trousers do all the work for you, team with a white tee-shirt and go
3) They are really fun and made me smile


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  1. I've taken to wearing patterned trousers and I've been called A/ Cher lloyd B/ a clown and C/ MC Hammer by a particularly cruel 'friend'!
    You gotta please yourself.
    Nice blog hun.
    Milli xx