Sunday, 24 April 2011

Baseball jackets


I'm seriously loving the random trends more and more!

Baseball jackets are really lovely....they seem perfect for his current spring where it seems to turn from lovely and freezing quicker than you can get the umbrella up!

i have fallen in love with this Baseball jacket., from ASOS and its only £19!

But i still think the best one i have seen is this one from New Look, and as the price has just gone down i am definatly ordering it as soon as i post this!

This so cute, the colour is a bit different fom what you would typicaly see, and i think that it is perfect for spring time

Not only do i love this colour, it's a great colour match to China Glaze 'Starboard' from their Anchor's Away collection....I really love this polish, and would recommend it to everyone!



  1. wow.. look at that nail polish! It is really nice! ^_^

  2. really nice :) love both
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling/ visit <3